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Hyalase/hyaluronidase dissolves bumps, even dermal fillers.
It can treat skin filler injection-related infections.
Hyaluronidase/hyalase will eliminate the Tyndall Effect.
Dermal Filler asymmetry: Hyalase/hyaluronidase reduces the larger side to equal the smaller side.
Hyalase/hylauronidase for dermal filler overuse ,Misplaced filler
Dermal filler vascular events: By obstructing an artery or arteriole during treatment, skin blood flow is diminished. The enzymes hyalase/hylauronidase prevent skin necrosis.
Providers can determine the amount, location, and depth of Hylayse injections using high-definition imaging

What to expect

In a 30-45 -minute appointment (with exact duration depending on treatment areas), we will carefully inject the relevant enzyme to dissolve or break down the filler. For example, for a HA filler, we inject hyaluronidase to break the bonds of the HA molecules, allowing the filler to be gradually absorbed by the body. It’s essential to stick to your aftercare and remember that it can take multiple treatments for desired outcomes

Frequently Asked Questions