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Ultrasound imaging or ultrasonography for supported facial injections is used to visualise facial and superficial anatomy in real time. It allows providers to plan safe injections, map vascular structures, and verify the placement of the fillers after injection. This helps improve patient outcomes and minimise filler complications.
As the device provides high-definition imaging, it can help providers identify the amount, location, and depth of the injected fillers. One key benefit is that it lets injectors know where to avoid structures in critical areas that are either very deep or shallow. It can also help avoid intravascular injections or injections within a blood vessel.

What to expect

In a 30-45 -minute appointment (with exact duration depending on treatment areas), we will carefully administer your HA fillers injections to the targeted areas, assisted by the ultrasound imaging. The correct dosage will have been determined in your cosmetic consultation, based on your skin type and goals and treatment areas. You may experience some swelling, bruising and mild discomfort. It’s essential to stick to your aftercare and remember that it can take multiple treatments for desired outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions