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The signature treatments is few sessions designed to targeting different aspect of the skin, these procedures have been divided by age group in order to satisfy all the patients. This will be done after having full skin analysis.
A combination of skin needling with PEP infusion (different types of skin booster) and oral collagen supplement which will transform your skin from inside /outside let it regain its old appearance.
The performed are treatments after application of a numbing cream and are followed by LED light therapy to reduce the redness and discomfort
This will be followed up by complementary full skin analysis after 4 sessions to assess and compare skin changes.

What to expect

The Dalia Experience is delivered over a series of 4 x 1-hour sessions. In each appointment, we begin with microneedling, before administering your PEP infusion. We will follow up with LED therapy to reduce discomfort and immediately promote healing. We will then refresh your oral collagen supplementation, which is taken as 1 easy sachet per day. Expect mild flaking, redness and swelling post-treatment with gradual improvements in skin tone, texture and elasticity, as well as in nail and hair health. It’s essential to stick to your aftercare and remember that it can take multiple treatments for desired outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions