Welcome to The Dalia Clinic

Dr Dalia Ubied and Dr Lara Wetton combine medical and cosmetic support to offer holistic care for women.

We deliver cosmetic surgery, non-invasive cosmetic procedures and healthcare services and wellbeing treatments in a comfortable and uplifting space.

By women for women

We bring unique skills, knowledge and experience to this space because we are women.

We believe that no one else understands aesthetics and cosmetic surgery like a woman.

That is why we've created an all-women clinic where we value empathy and provide a caring, nurturing environment for other women.

Women's Health

Cosmetic Surgery


Meet Dr Dalia

Guided by the belief that every woman should feel comfortable in her own skin, Dr Dalia is committed to treating the internal changes of menopause that women experience internally and aesthetically. She is dedicated to helping women maintain their health and quality of life as they journey through their change of life.

Meet Dr Lara

Surgical Fellow of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery

Dr Lara is one of only two female surgical fellows in Sydney who belong to ACCSM (the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine).

She is also a council member for the ACCSM, and has a special interest in facial surgery.