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In menopause, after childbirth or weight loss the breasts can often sag and lie too low on the chest wall. A breast lift is a surgical procedure to restore the correct position of the breast on the chest and change the breast shape. A breast lift can also be combined with a breast augmentation with an implant, or fat grafting.

What to expect

A breast lift involves the re-fashioning of the breast skin, moving the nipple to a higher position and taking away any excess skin. It also reshapes the breast tissue underneath the skin and places the volume higher up on the chest wall. This procedure is very unique in that there are multiple forces at play and the exact result cannot be anticipated or predicted.

There are multiple techniques and different scar patterns. Depending on your unique anatomy, Dr Wetton will discuss your scars and the most appropriate procedure for you.

Procedure specific risks: A breast lift is a complex procedure, especially if it is combined with a breast augmentation so there is a chance of wound breakdown, infection, asymmetry, poorly healing scars, or general dissatisfaction with the aesthetic result, the breasts may be too big, or too small, nipple loss.

Frequently Asked Questions