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Women experience menopause differently, but if you suffer from heat flashes, vaginal dryness, frequent urinary tract infections, or other menopause-related symptoms, we can assist you.There are safe and effective hormonal and non-hormonal treatments available.
Menopause is an ideal time for women to assess their health and learn how to reduce their risk for a variety of prevalent conditions, such as heart disease, osteoporosis, and cancer.
Dr Dalia will gladly discuss and assist you in selecting the optimal approach to menopause, bone health (prevention and management of osteoporosis), and cardiovascular health.

What to expect

In a 45-minute initial appointment, we’ll begin with a medical assessment to review your medical history, existing health conditions and medications and menopause symptoms. This assessment is done by Q&A, observation and interpretation of any test results.

In your initial appointment, we will:

– give you a Menopause Symptom Score to use as a baseline and monitor progress.

– discuss recommended treatment options for your priority peri and menopausal symptoms.

– arrange electronic prescriptions for any required medications with your chosen pharmacy.

– arrange referrals and organise any additional tests and investigations.

Frequently Asked Questions