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A facelift is a surgical procedure that is used to address the aged appearance of the face and redistribute the soft tissues to their higher original position. Dr Wetton uses the ability to lift the deeper structures in the face, the SMAS layer to improve the overall distribution of tissues underneath the skin, unveiling the jaw, the cheeks, and the structures of youth.
A neck lift will help to restore the original angle between the face and the neck and enable the tissues to drape back smoothly.
A face and neck lift will be combined to achieve the best aesthetic outcome. More often than not, liposuction of the double chin and jaw area is also used at the same time.

What to expect

Dr Wetton understands that patients can be hesitant to have a facelift or a neck lift, because they are worried about a dramatic change. It is possible to control the level of change that is performed and in every case Dr Wetton always aims to retain a level of each patient’s natural features.

Dr Wetton’s focus is to create an aesthetic contour, rather than to pull tissues unnecessarily tight. The procedure should result in a much smoother look, where the facial structures are in harmony with each other.

This is a surgical procedure, so naturally there is downtime and recovery time, that needs to be planned for. You will not be in a huge amount of pain, but it is important to follow Dr Wetton’s instructions so that you can heal and recover and you have the time and space to rest. Initially you may feel that things are a little tight, but this settles down over the following weeks. Initially your incision may be quite red, but after time this usually fades to white.

Specific Risks: poor scarring, uneven result, too tight, to not tight enough, skin compromise, nerve damage or deep tissue damage.

Frequently Asked Questions