Our Cosmetic Surgery services are led by Dr Lara Wetton.

Dr Lara is one of only two female surgical fellows in Sydney who belong to the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine.

Dr Lara's special interests are in facial surgery such as blepharoplasty, face lifts, and buccal fat pad removal.

Dr Lara takes an empathic female-centric approach

At the Dalia Clinic we value each and every patient and see them as unique. So, each procedure is tailored to suit the individual, keeping in mind their specific needs and desires.

Dr Wetton will discover your desired aesthetic and spend time discussing all your options with you.

Dr Wetton's care for her patients is fastidious and she will support you, and answer any questions or concerns before or after your surgery.

About Dr Lara Wetton

Dr Lara has over 12 years of experience in cosmetic surgery, with a special interest in facial rejuvenation, cosmetic breast surgery and body contouring.

As a woman herself and a mother, Dr Lara truly understands how important aesthetic goals are to all facets of a woman’s health.

Dr Lara recognises that the changes brought on by menopause can affect mental, emotional and physical health, and she is committed to helping her patients achieve their aesthetic goals with compassion and empathy.

Alongside her clinical and surgical practice, Dr Lara has published multiple papers in peer-reviewed medical journals and has presented at many industry conferences in Australia and overseas.

Dr Lara has a Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), is a Fellow of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine FACCS (Surg). College Council Member.
General Registration MED0001210607.

What we can help you with

There are general risks to every surgery, which include: bruising, bleeding, poor would healing, infection, a poor scar, or an adverse reaction or complication from a general anaesthetic.

Although these do not occur often, it is important to be aware of them. Risks specific to each individual procedure can be found under each procedure heading on the following pages.

The cosmetic surgery procedures we offer that may be suitable for pre, post and perimenopausal patients include:

Our Values Are Respect, Trust, and Compassion

We take the time to be present, truly listening to your needs, desires and sensitivities. Our care is designed to be ongoing, tailored, effective and compassionate.


The Dalia Clinic practises respect, trust and compassion to create a safe space for all your needs, desires and sensitivities as you journey through menopause.


From hormonal support for symptom relief to natural remedies for anti-ageing, any therapies and supplements that we recommend have your best interests at heart.


Our Double Bay space is curated to be calming, grounding and welcoming. Feel a sense of ease in an environment designed for comfort and confidentiality.

Rebate Information

We are a private practice and therefore do not offer bulk-billing.

Patients eligible for a Medicare rebate will receive their rebate into their nominated bank account within 1-2 business days.