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Dr Wetton enjoys facial rejuvenation and peri-ocular surgery. Blepharoplasty is one of her favourite procedures. As we track a patient’s face, our eyes are always immediately drawn to their eyes. For this reason, Dr Wetton finds upper and lower blepharoplasty can make a huge difference to the overall ‘look of a face’.
A blepharoplasty can unveil the bright and awake eye, which may lie beneath layers of skin and fat, and help to restore the smooth arc of youth.

What to expect

An upper blepharoplasty usually requires a down time of about a week, while a lower blepharoplasty usually requires about 2 weeks. You may feel like your lids are heavy, swollen and puffy for the initial healing period, but this will settle with time. You may also have some obvious bruising, so most patients will take 1-2 weeks off work.

Specific risks: damage to underlying structure, turning out or in of the lid (ectropion, entropion), blindness, bleeding behind the globe, damage to nerves.

Frequently Asked Questions